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Our Mission


The overall mission of Gloss Enterprise is to assist persons with disabilities with all activities of daily living and to assist qualified persons to live independently.

Gloss Enterprises LLC is licensed by the State of Louisiana. We take pride in the care of all participants. Our staff members are highly trained to meet the needs of persons who have disabilities.

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About Us


It is our mission to provide quality home care service in a personal manner, wherever and whenever we are needed.  We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of professional care on an individual basis.  Our experienced staff will talk to you and your family to determine your physical, medical and psychological needs.  We then discuss our findings with our Inter-disciplinarian Team (ID Team) to formulate a plan of care.  Your needs are further met by selecting a member of our staff who is best qualified to assist with your comprehensive plan of care.  This detailed process helps each person have a safe home life with comfort, independence, and dignity; despite their illness or disability.   Gloss Enterprise provides a comprehensive intake from a member of our ID team for every client.  We assign one supervisor to handle all of the client's needs, eliminating the confusion of dealing with multiple people.  We make every attempt to provide each client with continuity of personnel and strive to maintain ongoing customer satisfaction.

Gloss Enterprises' staff consists of a wide array of talented and dedicated individuals who are educated and dedicated and whom are more than capable to meet the needs of our consumers. 

Gloss PCA Corporation is the parent company to Gloss Enterprise, LLC and A & P Records.

Gloss PCA oversees the day to day operation of Gloss Enterprise, LLC.


A & P Records is an independent gospel record company that provides gospel music to gospel music lovers.  Gloss PCA corporation will continue to make sure these companies are a viable asset to the communities they serve. 

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Meet our leadership team.

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